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Le Dernier Panache - Puy du Fou

It is an invitation to travel, the time machine is activated. Here we are in the 18th century, more precisely in 1796. We are in full Vendée guerrilla war. The life of Charette, an officer of the French navy, will swing in a final battle for freedom. "Le Dernier Panache" is a breathtaking show that the Puy du Fou, sacred "Best creation in the world" * in 2016.

The scene is large, equivalent to a football field. It is an almost identical reproduction of the Manor of Fonteclose, where Charette retired on his return from America, in 1793. You will be transported by the dynamics of this live show and plunged into the heart of the story. You will be able to go see this spectacle panting, epic and moving, pleasantly staged by a team of professionals.

The Château de la Barbinière is ideally located in the town of Saint-Laurent-sur-Sèvre. It will be your ideal place of residence and will allow you to access the amusement park to attend the moving show "the Last Panache". * The Last Panache at the Puy du Fou sacred "Best creation of the world - 2016" by THEA, international jury of Themed Entertainment Association (THEA)
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