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The history of the castle


First of all, the castle was a lodging house owned by Glahet family. The name « Barbinière » comes from the mill nearby. You can see their heraldry at the « Porte des Martyrs ». This place is situated in a backside of the earlier « Orangerie » a embodie the memories of The Vendée Wars’s victims.
In 1630, Espinaceau family bought the property and constructed a tower. Another heraldry joined the « Porte des Martyrs ».

In 1977, Du Vau de Chavagne family recovered it and was married with Sapinaud family in 1788.
The Vendée Wars began and in 1793, the property was devastated.
In 1892, the following owner, Albert d’Aviau de Piolant, turrned it into a castle in neogothic style, with a new heraldry you can see at the entrance. He retained the « Orangerie » and its towers.

Since 2007, Mrs and Mr Toussaint, the current owners renovated the property. The hotel opened in 2009, after 18 months of renovation works, with just 6 rooms and one restaurant. Few years later, they refurbished the Horse House, the Groom House, the Manager House and the Gardian House. Today, the castle and outbuildings count in 30 rooms.
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